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Most frequent questions and answers

What is Homish?

Homish is the easiest and most convenient digital rental platform that eases the stress of bulk rental payment. We address the burden of bulk payments by offering home seekers an option to pay at intervals (monthly, quarterly and annually). In a rental market where it takes months to find a suitable home and renters have to pay up to 2 years rent is cash upfront, Homish allows renters to find homes in 24hours and pay monthly.

Does Homish give rental loans?

Homish is not a financial institution. Hence, we do not give out loans. However, our partner company, Cloud Microfinance Bank provides this service.

Is Homish a short-let service?

Homish is not a short-lets service company. Although we provide short-let services as well, our major focus is providing easy rental payment.

Does Homish own the property they rent?

In most cases, we do not own the properties we rent. We partner with landlords and act as a trusted intermediary between landlords and house seekers who upon a successful match become tenants. We collect rent from home seekers and pay Landlords quarterly or annually

depending on the agreement signed.

Is Homish a Facility Management Company?

No, Homish is not a facility management company. We most of the time, recommend facility management companies to our partner landlords. These companies are responsible for repairs and maintenance of the property.

What kind of homes does Homish offer?

We offer shared homes and entire homes. Our members can choose to live in a private ensuite room in a shared home which makes living costs more affordable especially for young professionals as the cost of an entire house is split amongst all occupants.

Can I use Homish at my current apartment?

No. Homish is only available at homes we have vetted and have a contract with the landlord.

How does electricity get billed at Homish homes?

The electricity billing system varies for each property. Electricity is calculated either through prepaid or post-paid meters where available. However, in some cases, other methods may be used. In such cases, we always communicate with our members and prospective members on how electricity will be calculated.

What is Homish membership?

Everyone that finds a home through Homish is a member. Your Homish membership gives you access to our payment plans and other services provided by Homish or its third-party vendors. 

Your membership is valid throughout the time you reside in your Homish home.

How to become a Homish member.

  1. Sign-up and create a user profile on our website
  2. Upload your KYC documents (To become a Homish member, we carry out simple verification of your identity and employment. For this, we need the following documents:
  • Government-issued ID card( (Passport data page, drivers licence, voter’s card, National identity card.)
  • Letter of employment (For business owners, letter of employment can be replaced with the company’s CAC registration documents.)
  • Bank statement of salary account or payslip for the last 3 months (This is only required if you are choosing a monthly payment plan).
  • Book an apartment. Once you have found a home you want on our website and completed the virtual tour, (you can schedule a physical viewing if you like), you can book the apartment and sign the terms of the agreement and pay online.

What are my membership payments?

Your membership payment includes your rent and service charge and a booking fee. The booking fees are paid at the start of a new membership period. This fee includes agency and legal fees and a Homish fee that helps us run the platform.

How do I pay?

  1. You can pay for your Homish membership in at least one of the following methods:

    1. Recurring billing via debit cards. We have made it easy for you to pay on Homish. On your payment due date(s), your recurring fees will be deducted from the account linked to your debit/ATM card that you provide on your dashboard.
    2. Direct payment through debit cards.
    3. Direct payment via transfer to our bank account. Once you make the transfer, upload the proof of payment on your dashboard and your Homish wallet will be credited.

What is my Homish Wallet?

Every Homish member has a wallet. When you make a payment to Homish, it is reflected as a credit to your Homish wallet. All your billings are made as a debit to your wallet. You can view your wallet in your dashboard.

After my membership expires, can I continue with my current membership or do I have to apply all over again?

The one time fees/closing fees associated with your membership are charged on every renewal. We’ve made the fees proportional to your membership duration so you will never be overcharged.

What are the payment plans?

While all our locations can be paid upfront, some locations have the additional option of monthly, quarterly, or every six months payment plan.

Can I change my payment plan?

No, once you start a membership, you will not be able to change your payment plan. However, upon renewal, you can choose a different payment plan.

Can I reschedule my due dates?

The due dates for your payment plans are fixed when you begin your membership. Your due dates will be provided along with the payment schedule in your membership terms.

What happens if I cannot pay by my due date?

While we advise that you select a home and payment plan that is most convenient for you, we understand that circumstances may change and payment may not be made as at when due.We provide a 7 days grace after the due date. After which, a late payment fine of 10% of your monthly payment or its equivalent will be charged.

What does my membership fee cover?

Your membership fees cover:

  • Your rent
  • Lawma and refuse disposal fees
  • Monthly water bill
  • VAT and other tax charges
  • Access to amenities provided at your home (unless otherwise stated).

Who do I report issues to?

All Homish serviced homes come with designated facility managers approved. When you move in, you will receive contact details of your facility manager to whom issues in your home will be reported to.